Sermon Illustrations

Let me give you an example that has nothing to do with Christmas but in which the same principle applies.

We have all heard of St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis...a wonderful, wonderful organization that is deserves every bit of support that they get. This year they had an event called Country, Cars, and Kids. Basically, it was a concert that was held to raise money for the hospital...well I went and it was a pretty good show...which was highlighted by Kevin Sharp I thought...I got to talk to him a little bit and he was a super nice guy. Anyway...they had this drawing....they had sold these raffle tickets and the drawing was for some money...maybe 1,000 dollars or something like that. Anyway...the guy doing the drawing...I won’t mention his name because you might know him....he draws the winning name and has the guy come up on the stage....and then the local "celebrity" who drew the name...he asks the winner....what are you going to do with the money? Take your wife out? Buy something? Or, maybe give it back to St. Jude because they are such a wonderful organization. Now, this guy is standing on the stage with maybe two thousand people out in the audience...what is he supposed to do now? He might have liked to take his wife out or buy something...or pay a bill that he was behind on....but...what other choice can he make but to give the money back? If he doesn’t he’s going to look like a greedy insensitive jerk....and he did, in fact give the money back to St. Jude. Again, I am not saying that they did not deserve is a wonderful organization...but the pressure put on that guy was unreal.

I wonder...if it hadn’t of been for the pressure put on him....what his decision would have been...perhaps it would have been the same...but how many people would have done that? I know that it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind.