Sermon Illustrations

Swindoll challenges us with this thought: “Our friend Solomon, with a limitless supply of money and without any sense of accountability to others, took that trail as far as one could take it. And when it was all said and done, he said, ‘What an empty, futile trip!’ will every young person hearing these words please listen to Solomon rather than the hype from our times? Will the novice, the inexperienced, the virgin, the person who has not yet been scarred by that journey…will you hear, ahead of time, the truth rather than a lie? Equally important, will you be mature enough to heed it? Solomon, who trafficked in it and lived to tell us about it, is going to save us months, even years of heartache if we will only heed what he says. Not some present-day, wild-eyes, prophet of doom, but the wisest and richest man who ever lived is telling us the truth about illicit sex, about alcohol, about drugs, about the occult, and all the things that appeal to our erotic desires. Common sense says we’d be wise to listen” (Living on the Ragged Edge, Page 43).

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