Sermon Illustrations

Author Thom Rainer tells of a man name George who learned a few weeks after becoming a Christian that at least 4 people were praying for him daily. George said:

“I wasn’t surprised (my wife) was praying for me….then George learned about others. ‘A friend of mine who lives over seven hundred miles away called me when he heard the news. He told me that he prayed for me twice a day. Can you believe that? Twice a day.’ George then heard about his mother-in-law praying for him every day. And then he got the word that someone from the church whom he did not know was praying for him as well.’

“I tell you one thing. I learned a whole lot about the power of prayer in salvation. And I’ve already started praying for some of my lost friends.” (The Unchurched Next Door, pg. 211)