Sermon Illustrations

Advent is about the coming of Christ. Coming in to your life so you can begin again and again. In order to symbolize as an act of worship, I want you to take the beach glass that you received early. Feel it. Feel it’s hardness. Feel it’s roughness. Let this be a symbol of your past. Your sins. Your mistakes. It is your doubt. It is your unbelief. It the burden that you have carried this week. It is the burden that you’ve carried the last several weeks. Maybe even your entire life.

I invite to come down to the front and wrap the beach glass in a piece of red cloth. Let the cloth symbolize the blood of Christ. His grace. His strength. Enfolding you. Covering the sin. Covering the burden so that you do not see it any more. Then leave it, still covered, on the altar. Let Jesus have it so that you can begin again. You can pray, if you’d like. You can meditate. You could pray a few simple words like Anne Lamont, “I quit. You can come it.”