Sermon Illustrations

On Thursday, Carolyn Chou came by to see me. You may remember her. She and her husband, Yuan, were married here and we baptized their children, Matthew and Sabrina, who is now 20 month old daughter. Carolyn brought Sabrina with her. Sabrina is in the throws of separation anxiety. As Sabrina sat on her mother’s lap, she cried. And she cried. And she cried. There wasn’t much we could do. Even though Sabrina was sitting in her mother’s lap, she was thinking about her mother leaving her. So even though she was touching her mother, it wasn’t enough.

I feel that way sometimes, too. I can be hugging Olya and worrying about keeping her safe from all the things that can hurt a young girl. I can be holding my paycheck in my hand and still be afraid I won’t have enough money to pay the bills. I can be enjoying lunch with my Mother and still be concerned because she won’t be here forever.

Perhaps most importantly, I can be resting in the everlasting arms of our Lord and still, like Sabrina, be sure God is no where to be found. Our passage today starts where we left off last week, not because it is the next passage in I Kings, because the central idea is the same. God tells Joshua, “I will be with you.” God says, “Trust me. I will never leave you.”