3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

God knows our needs and we can simply TRUST Him to take care of all our needs, day by day.

I thought of an example that happened a couple of weeks ago after a Bible Study Group that met at our house. George and Jeni, one of our young couples, were ready to go and Jeni realized she didn¡¦t have her purse. (by the way, Jeni told me I could share this story) She thought back and realized what had happened. When she was getting Gracia out of the car she set her purse on the sidewalk ¡K and left it there.

They looked all around the car, but the purse was gone. This was especially bad because they had some Financial Peace University envelopes in the purse with quite a bit of cash. Also, Jeni needed her Military ID that was in the purse to take Gracia to the doctor the next morning. Jeni and George drove home, praying that some honest person would find the purse. And hoped their prayers would be answered ¡K but I have to admit, I didn¡¦t really think they¡¦d ever see that purse again.

After they got home, Jeni remembered her cell phone was in the purse. She called but got no answer. Then her home phone rang and a nice man in our neighborhood explained that his daughter had found the purse. (He was able to get Jeni¡¦s home phone number from the cell after she made the call.) When they picked up the purse, nothing was missing. Jeni said they drove home thanking God for His protection and help.

Everyone who lives in the Kingdom of God will have similar experiences. As we trust God, we learn we have no need to worry. Our God cares about us! He can and does take care of our needs ¡K time and time again.