Sermon Illustrations

A church had an unusual ritual every Sunday morning.

• Before the church sang the Doxology, they would stand up,

• everyone would turn to the right and face a blank white wall,

• and they would sang.

• Every Sunday they did this

• Finally a visitor to the church was confused and asked,

• “Why do you do this?”

No one knew. The only answer they could come up with was,

• “We’ve always done it this way.”

• But this answer did not satisfy the visitor.

• Other people were asked the same question. But they didn’t know

• Finally, an elderly man who had been a member longer than anyone else remembered the reason.

• It seems that at one time they didn’t have hymnals and the words to this song were painted on the large white wall.

• Everyone would stand, turned to the right facing the wall and sing.

• Over the years the words faded and the wall was repainted numerous times

• Yet no one remembered the significance for standing and turning toward the wall.