Sermon Illustrations

A lot of you have probably never heard of Kyle McDonald,

• Kyle’s mission was to trade one red paperclip for an entire house.

• Before you say, “This guy is nuts,” you should know that he did it , he succeeded.

• He started in July a few years ago.

• He found someone who would trade in a fish-shaped ink pen for his red paper clip.

• From there, he was off and running. He traded the ink pen for a hand-sculpted doorknob.

• And he just kept on trading, each time trading up for something bigger and better.

• Some of the trades included a Honda generator which he received from a U.S. Marine,

• a snowmobile, a large truck, an afternoon with Alice Cooper, a movie role,

• until finally, after 43 trades, Kyle traded for a two story farmhouse.

• It took Kyle McDonald almost a year exactly to...

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