Sermon Illustrations

Swindoll highlights the fact that the world is filled with mysteries beyond our knowledge.

1. And how about the immeasurable spaces above us? Who can unravel the mysterious yet vast movement of the perfectly synchronized planets and stars displaying the most accurate timepiece in existence? Even a hurried look through a telescope makes our mouths drop open. On the other extreme, when is the last time you peered through a microscope? Talk about a riddle wrapped up in mystery! Although invisible to the naked eye, there is a world of unseen action going on around us (and inside us) that boggles the mind. And it’s all so unbelievably small. And while we’re considering the microscopic world, we can’t overlook just how tiny each individual cell really is. Did you realize that if an electron were increased in size until it became as large as an apple and a human being grew larger in the same proportion, that person could hold the entire solar system in the palm of his hand, and would need to use a magnifying glass in order to see it? (Living on the Ragged Edge, page 236)