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Speaking of contaminants let me tell you about a house I once helped my landlord clean. It was back when we lived in Moberly, just a few blocks away from our house. I had helped my landlord, Dr. Stan McCreary, do many things and so he asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping him fix up a house he had just bought so that students could live in it. After I had volunteered, he then told me the story behind the house and how he had acquired it. He said that he knew the lady and her daughter who lived there. They always looked clean and even smelled nice. They never looked dirty or unkempt. However, the Department of Human Services got a tip that they should go and check this person’s house because the neighbors could smell it. The DHS people went into the home only to find that these nice clean people had animal feces covering every inch of the house. It had to be the most disgusting sight I had ever seen. I put on my jeans and a shirt and then I put on scrubs over that. I used duct-tape to seal my scrubs around my ankles, my wrists, and my collar. I had two layers of gloves on my hands, a hat covering my head, and a face mask on.

I must have looked like I had come from a sci-fi audition but at least I felt somewhat safe from the germs. A friend of mine had taken some unused and unneeded bottles of medical facility grade chemicals for me to use. After scrubbing for about 6 hours a group of us had finished cleaning most of the house with one chemical that smelled like peppermint. We had no choice but to throw away everything including all the appliances in the house; even the refrigerator was finally tossed because no one could put food in without the thought of animal feces being in it. We have no idea how they ate because rotten food filled the refrigerator and the freezer was actually a giant block of ice. I guarantee you that it was the worst sight you have ever seen and then some. I’ll stop here for the sake of your stomachs but I will note it got much worse. Who could ever live in such an environment? I think we can all agree that living in such an environment was not only horrible but also very dangerous to your physical well-being.

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