Sermon Illustrations

One afternoon in 1965, Daniel Waswa, a citizen of Kenya, struggled up a hill and was crucified by his wife at his own direction. As he hung on the cross, he told the gathered crowd, “I am dying for the sins of all Kenyans.”

After nailing her husband to the cross, the woman collapsed on the ground and died, apparently from shock.

Waswa’s neighbors knew this was no spur-of-the-moment act. He had talked about it for a year and had told them he had been called by God for this purpose.

They begged him to let them take him down. He refused all requests. Finally he was taken down still alive, but he soon died from the nail wounds which had become infected.

Superstitious people now make pilgrimages to the spot where Daniel Waswa died and pray for him to forgive their sins.

Dr Paul Tan’s encyclopedia of illustrations