Sermon Illustrations

The phone rings. It is Kremlin. Mr. Putin heard a sermon and invites me to bend his ear. A limousine arrives; attendants open doors, carry luggage, and ensure my every comfort. A police escort takes me to the airport where a private plane waits. When we land in Russia, a red carpet cushions my steps to the military helicopter. We fly to the Kremlin, and when the door opens a red carpet again appears. I am escorted directly to the president’s chamber.

As I push the door open, I may stop and say, “I’m nervous.” I may say, “I forgot what to say.” I may say, “This rise has been too fast; I feel lightheaded.” But one thing I may not say: “I do not believe Mr. Putin will hear me.” Why may I not question the President’s willingness to listen? He has done all the great things; he cannot now refuse me.

Jesus is the source of eternal salvation to all who obey the gospel. For everyone who truly believe in his provision, he saved at the cross, and he saves forever and ever. Having given so much, will he not hear us pray?