Sermon Illustrations

I have played baseball since I was a little boy, probably like most of you we started out playing stick ball or some variation. But as we grew up, our game became more sophisticated and so did our equipment. This bat cost me $150, probably the most amount of money I have spent on any sports equipment ever. As I was growing up and watching baseball, there was one thing that always caused me to question the game. Whenever a batter would hit a home run, it seemed as if he knew from the moment the bat hit the ball. And as the ball sailed out of the park, the batter would start trotting around the bases, with bat still in hand, enjoying the applause. It wasn’t until I was in Jr High that I realized how they knew they had hit a home run. You see, for those who don’t know, there is a spot on the bat that when you hit it just right, the ball goes soaring through the air. This place on the bat is called a Sweet Spot. This spot isn’t just on bats, it is on golf clubs, tennis rackets and other various sports equipment. This sweet spot is what you aim for each and every time you try to hit the ball, because you know if you do, good things are going to happen.