Sermon Illustrations

Hat-tip to SermonCentral illustration bank: On Christmas Eve of 1906, off the coast of Massachusetts, ships carrying sailors that would have liked to be someplace else than a boat on Christmas Eve received a message from the coast in morse code. “CQ….CQ” it said, indicating that an important message was coming. Radio operators listened closely to their headsets and then must have jerked back in surprise at what they heard, a human voice on the other end reading Luke the second chapter. It was the first broadcast of a human voice.

The shock that befell those sailors that night was probably the same kind of shock that the shepherds felt watching their sheep when the Angel of the Lord said to them, “Do not be afraid, I bring you good news….”

It was something completely different. It took what they had in mind for that evening and wiped it away. Suddenly, their lives were different. Suddenly, it didn’t matter where they were.