Sermon Illustrations

-Author Ken Jones tells about a lesson he learned about hearing God:

[When I walked into my office] I noticed something I had never seen before. It was round, about the size of a dessert plate, and plugged into the wall, giving out a constant noise. It wasn’t a loud noise, just constant. What in the world is that thing? I thought as I stopped to stare.

I finally asked the receptionist about it. She said, “It’s an ambient noise generator. If it is too quiet in here, we can distinguish the voices in the counseling offices, and we want to protect their privacy. So we bought the noise generator to cover the voices.”

Her explanation made perfect sense to me, but didn’t it have to be louder to mask the conversations? I asked. “No,” she said. “The constancy of the sound tricks the ear so that what is being said can’t be distinguished.”

Interesting, I thought. Very interesting. One kind of noise to cover the sound of another. It made me think and...

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