Sermon Illustrations

AP story from Hutchinson, KS: A ragged peddler who told a friend he didn’t have $5 to pay a debt, was found dead the next morning in his apartment here amongst littered filth - and $61,000 in bonds and currency.

The man, Ramond Mishler, 48, died of malnutrition. Police and executors confirmed the report that the money had been found in a cluttered old store building which had been converted into 2 dwelling units. Detective Ed May, who went to investigate when Mishler’s body was discovered, noticed a piece of paper sticking in a door sill. It was a $1,000 government bond. May and Patrolman Bob Adams then found $40,000 in bonds in a dresser drawer and $3,000 in currency, nearly all of it old, large size bills, in tobacco cans and a trunk. Also found were passbooks from 3 banks showing deposits of $8,890 and papers showing he had several thousand dollars in postal savings and in savings and loans deposits.

He died of malnutrition!