Sermon Illustrations

July 14 or so, 1996) I went fishing on the farm property of some people in our church in Ohio. They had trouble with wild dogs there, getting their animals. They had to shoot over 20 of these dogs. I believed that the dogs were gone. So, there I was, ½ mile from my car, armed with 2 fishing poles and a tackle box, all alone, 15 miles from town. You see, I believed I was safe, so I was acting like it. Then, about 9:00 pm, I looked across the pond and saw at least 5 dogs on the other side. As soon as we made eye contact, they headed my direction. I came to a new belief all of a sudden. I believed I was in danger, so I ran...hard, without looking back! I never once heard the dogs, nor did I see them as I ran, but I genuinely believed I was in danger. If I believe wild dogs are chasing me, I act on that belief! (If you’re having trouble getting motivated to do some exercise program, just get out in the woods with a pack of dogs chasing you! - it’s amazing what some genuine belief can do for you!)

Truth is something we act on, not just talk about. Merely assenting it isn’t good enough. That means nothing. If we really believe something, we’ll do something about it.