Sermon Illustrations

I’ll never forget my brother Ken’s 1971 Pontiac Safari station wagon. Besides being dark brown colored and handling like a boat, it had an exhaust leak so it made some very interesting sounds. It just wasn’t a “chick magnet” kind of car. Well, when you’re a freshman in college, you’re happy just to have a car that doesn’t require a tetanus shot to be safe to drive it! So, Ken was good-hearted about it. He was studying Greek at OCC, so he gave his car a Gk name: Nekkredda – He said it meant “chariot of the dead.” It seemed to fit. So, he drove Nekkredda around a few years until a better car opportunity came along: a nice, clean 1980 Chevy Caprice. It was quite a change from Nekkredda, so his new car got a new name – he was studying Hebrew by this time, so he called this one Hephzibah: My joy is in her.