Sermon Illustrations

-Let me use an illustration from physical science to give us some insight into the infilling of the HS. If you’ve ever done a speedometer check, then you are probably familiar with the formula for determining velocity or speed. When you take the distance traveled and divide it by the amount of time it took you to travel that distance, you end up with your velocity. If you were to drive for 1 hour exactly, you could check your odometer for the number of miles traveled to see how many miles per hour you averaged. Aren’t you glad you know that? A speedometer check is generally done by seeing how many seconds it takes you to drive one mile. If your speedometer is accurate, it should take you exactly 60 seconds to go 1 mile at 60 MPH. Anyway, that’s not important, but this is:

-See, the baptism in the HS produces a change in our spiritual velocity. Our spiritual velocity is the speed and effectiveness we need to go the distance in the amount of time we have left on this earth. The distance is how far we must go or how much needs to be done to reach our world with the gospel. One thing we cannot change is the distance. The task of reaching the lost is before us. It must be done. Jesus said, “This gospel must be preached to all nations…then the end will come.” So, what part of the formula is variable? What part can change? I’m happy to tell you that the power of the HS can increase our spiritual velocity! And if the spiritual velocity of the church increases, then the time it takes to go the distance of preaching the gospel to all nations will be shortened. Folks, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit! We need to stay filled with the Holy Spirit! The task before us is too huge – too monumental – without divine assistance. But we have that divine assistance promised to us! Jesus said, “You will receive power, after the HS comes upon you, and you will be My witnesses in all the world.” The infilling of the HS is not a luxury for the ecstatic few! It is a necessity in order for the church to fulfill the Great Commission! Lord, fill us with your Holy Spirit! Help us to be the people who are called by Your Name and empowered by Your Holy Spirit!