Sermon Illustrations

I heard a story about a woman who spent all day in a hot kitchen preparing a five course meal for some out of town guests. It was summer, it was 100 degrees outside; it was probably 120 in that kitchen. She worked hard, and everything turned out great.

When everybody sat down to eat, this woman asked her six year old son to say a prayer for the meal. The boy was scared; he wasn’t sure how to pray in front of company. Fortunately, his mother had been teaching him some new bedtime prayers. She spoke up and said, “It’s OK. Just pray one of the prayers you’ve heard from me.”

The young child thought for a moment. Then his eyes lit up. He folded his hands and bowed his head. Everybody did the same. He prayed, in a loud voice: “Dear God! You know that this day is already ruined by my obligation to feed those ungrateful people; why did you make the weather so hot?”

His mother had...

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