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Let me suggest to you that no one – no one has ever encountered more change than… Soviet cosmonaut Sergay Kreckaleff …

He held the record for travel in space for a long, long time.

Then he was launched into space again back in April of 1991 for what was to be a 4-month journey around the earth.

I say, “was to be” because –you see- even though the launch went very well—they found themselves safely in orbit –

something happened soon after … that was a rather an amazing thing.

While he was up in space – his country went out of business. Now think about that for a moment!

His country – the Soviet Union – went out of business.

And so he orbited the earth for 4 months as planned… but in the month of August in 1991 – when he was supposed to come back to earth… There was nobody to bring him back to earth.

There was no more “Soviet Space agency”

And so he orbited the earth for

• 5 months

• 6 months

• 7 months

• 8 months

• 9 months

• And it was only after some volunteers from the former Soviet Space Agency that came in – in 1992 – and did whatever those guys do – that Sergay was brought back to earth… 10 months in space!

Now think about this.

The story thus far is pretty remarkable – but think about the changes…

that he faced when he got back to earth.

When He got back…

• His country was gone – The USSR was replaced by the commonwealth of independent states and the new Russian Republic.

• Micahal Gorbacheff was now longer his president – he was replaced with Boris Yeltzen

• The Communist Party- which had dominated his country for...

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