Sermon Illustrations

-Someone might say, “Well, God does not raise dead people anymore.” I would agree that it is not very common, but the Lord still does it. I have told some of you about my own experience with death. When I was between 1 & 2 years old, I got a hold of a piece of wood from an old orchard sprayer tank. The tank had been used to spray DDT or Parathion, and it had soaked deeply into the wood. Apparently I turned blue and began running around in circles. My parents rushed me to the hospital from where I was life-flighted to Boise. My heart stopped and I quit breathing at least 3 times (once for 15 minutes). They were finally able to get a respirator to the floor I was on, and they hooked me up. My mom overheard one of the doctors the next day say, “If he does somehow live through this, he will be nothing more than a vegetable.” Well, through the prayers of my family and church family, God touched me and healed me completely. God still does physically raise people from the dead. He does restore life to bodies that have died. What will it take to see something like that happen? Nothing less than an all-out commitment to Jesus and spreading His good news to others so they can enjoy a loving relationship with Him.

-And that really is what restoration of life is all about! If this body is given an extension of time on this earth, that’s great. But, there is much more to our lives than just the physical aspect. Unless we are made spiritually alive, we cannot have a relationship with God, because He is spirit.