Sermon Illustrations

Before I read as this is a new year, I wanted to share with you last year’s winners for the wackiest label contest. These are labels that seem the most ridiculous sponsored by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch. I’ll start with some of the honorable mentions.

Cyndi LaMonde of Traverse City submitted a label on a letter opener that says: "Caution: Safety goggles recommended."

Ann Marie Young of Fillmore, N.Y., submitted the warning that "The Vanishing Fabric Marker should not be used as a writing instrument for signing checks or any legal documents."

Third place went to Richard Goodnow of Lancaster, Mass., for a label on a baby stroller featuring a small storage pouch that warns: "Do not put child in bag."

The $250 second place was given to the Turin family of Greensburg, Pa., for a label they found on an iron-on T-shirt transfer that warns: "Do not iron while wearing shirt."

And the first place winner goes to Kevin Soave of Farmington Hills, a Detroit suburb, for submitting the tractor’s "Danger: Avoid Death" label.