Sermon Illustrations


• Imagine a ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean it is filled with people and in the middle of the ocean there is an explosion. Many people lose their lives,, but a number are still alive. They begin to run to the lifeboats.

• The 1st man though doesn’t know about the lifeboats so he doesn’t get aboard. He doesn’t have knowledge, so he is not saved.

• The 2nd man he knows about the life boat and believes it will save his life, but he is so grief stricken over seeing his wife killed, he chooses not to go aboard and dies with his wife. He has knowledge and belief, but is not saved.

• Yet others on board have the knowledge about the lifeboat, and believe the lifeboat will save them and they get into the boat and are saved, through faith. However it is not their faith that saves them it is actually the boat.