Sermon Illustrations

We read about murder and our reaction is, “Oh, of course murder is bad.” We live in a very civilized nation. We have all kinds of social edicts driving us. We learn not to say certain things. We learn not to do certain things that would offend each. But we are one of the most murderous societies that have ever existed. We have simply legislated it; we have taken the “edge” off killing.

One of Saddam’s favorite sayings was a quote from Stalin, “If there is a person, then there is a problem. If there is no person, then there is no problem.”

In the last 34 years, Americans have murdered 16.1% of our population.

In the 23 years of power Saddam only murdered 10% of the population of Iraq.

We murder nearly 25% of all conceived babies in the US and 30% of all conceived babies in the world.