Sermon Illustrations

Does Christ have authority over you? Do you submit to his will for your life? Here’s the real question: Who’s in charge of you? A few years ago a certain bracelet became popular with Christian youth. I’m sure you saw them... WWJD was the inscription, right? I had a police officer friend in Bastrop that always wore one of those bracelets. I asked him once what it stood for... He told me of course, then I said, are you sure it doesn’t stand for “We Want Jelly Donuts?” He didn’t think that was very funny... WWJD came from a book that Charles M. Sheldon wrote back in 1897 - It was a series of messages that he read to his congregation. It tells the story of a pastor who decided to live with the simple idea “What would Jesus do?” What if I patterned my life after doing what jesus would do? What if every decision I made was run through that filter?

You see - that’s what Authority is all about... What you give authority to is what runs your life. It’s your filter for everything you do. Paul tells us here that Christ is our authority. If you want to live a powerful Christian life, if you want to see God do amazing things - then learn to submit to his authority in your life!