Sermon Illustrations

Did you know that every year 3,000 lives are killed and injured as a result of drunk driving in the United Kingdom and this heightens around Christmas time. So the government along with the DVLA run drink-driving campaigns on TV. Where they show real life car accidents as a result of drinking and driving they are shocking! But there not shown to spoil our Christmas ( they give us a choice) but to warn us of the consequences of drinking and driving thisd is reality. As Christians should’nt we be warning people of the consequences of ignoring Christ’s love. Should’nt we be sharing the truth giving people the choice?

Like wise when Jesus tells us about hell with the rich man and Lazarus its not told to spoil our time here upon earth but to warn us of the consequences of ignoring him as Savior and Lord. This story actually shows the reality of his love towards us

by Aubrey E Vaughan