Sermon Illustrations

I pulled into the Zeller’s parking lot on Thursday. A young man was changing a tire. I went along to ask if things were okay (after all, I can’t prepare for today and not demonstrate the heart of being a Good Samaritan). He told me he was simply removing the ‘dummy’ tire and replacing it with the new one. He assured me things were okay and away I went, rather proud of myself that I had stopped by. Only after I had left did I realize my missed opportunity. God didn’t call me to help replace the tire. It was to give the young man the extra gloves I had in the van for I noticed his hands were bare and it was a cold day. Lord, forgive.

I could quite easily justify not even stopping by. The question hit me, “Why is he changing a tire in the middle of a parking lot on a very cold day? Why not wait until tomorrow or take it to a garage and have them change it? The least he could have done was dress for the season; it’s not summer after-all.” But I was reminded that unshackled hands are not concerned about how or why – only that there is a need and I should do something about it.