Sermon Illustrations

“Clean House” show on Style Network

Each episode begins with a short montage introducing the subjects of the makeover. Homeowners typically are "victims" of a combination of poor housekeeping ability and lifestyle situations that exacerbate the problem. Most of the homes on the show are so messy that a person could not enter and walk around freely.

The host guides family members through the process of letting go of things with the assistance of a "Yard Sale Diva.” Often, the family becomes very emotional and defensive about the junk it has harbored for decades, and the host will negotiate and make deals with family members in order to convince them to sell belongings. The excess belongings are sold at a yard sale (often while family members cry, moan, or try to take items back into the house) to raise money for the makeover.

It’s not easy getting rid of “junk” is it?