Sermon Illustrations

Watch Your Step

As a child, my second home was a baby-sitters house. My father worked on rotating shifts as a policeman, so often times we even slept there. My sitter was one BIG lady - over 300lbs. After many times of wetting her bed, she took away my bed sleeping privileges and forced me to stay on the floor in her bedroom. Well, one night she awoke to answer the call of nature and it almost cost me my life. I had apparently rolled from my 3 foot square sleeping quarters right into her walking path. Since she was so big, she was unable to see where her feet were stepping. At this time I woke up as well hearing the earth shaking footsteps of this woman. Unfortunately, it was a moment too late as she asserted her 300lb body on my head with her left foot. I blame this event as the reason to why I was called egghead as a child. Obviously she wasn’t watching her step.