Sermon Illustrations

Ruth Tucker in her book "God Talk" tell the story of a former student whose daughter was in an accident and in a coma… while she wrestled with the thought of losing her daughter, she says this, “Immediately I thought of the Father giving up His Son for me. I knew. I was being called to open my fist. And I did. I went back to Kate’s room. It was the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done. Everything was the same, and everything was very different. Kate still lay in a coma. I told her, “Honey if God says you can go, you go. And have fun. We’re going to let God call the shots…. But if Jesus says you can come back I would like to have you come back”… and then she says the peace that flooded me is beyond all understanding. As I sat at her bedside I began to sing, one of the songs was ‘Beautiful Savior.” And Kate died.