3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Years ago when I was in the College, accommodation on campus was very scarce. It was very difficult to get accommodated throughout one’s study period.

But no sooner I stepped into the University that I learnt from “satellites’ that it was possible to get accommodated throughout if I participated in sporting activities. So I decide to become a sportsman even though I didn’t have previous experiences. I obtained a registration form for participation in across- country race and begun to train for the d-day.

But before the very day of the competition the sports commissioner gathered all registered competitors together in a large bus to be driven round the routes for familiarization. As we cruised along up and down the hills, many competitors suddenly decided to opt out of the race as they now realized how long the journey was while still been driven in a bus. They have considered the cost of the race and found out they would not be able to pay it.