Sermon Illustrations

There is an advertisement for a company called Staples. There pitch is that they take hard office work that would normally be to hard to do in one day and they say If you will bring it to Staples they will fix it up and MAKE IT EASY for you. There logo is an EASY button that you press and when you press the button it says, “That was Easy”!

Aw I wish you heard me.

If you are saying………….

How can I deal with that uncle who raped me, now he is in church – Easy focus on Jesus

Hit your easy button

How can I deal with my bad children when they wrecking my house – Easy focus on Jesus

How can I deal with the bills that are due and your money is gone when they come every month – Easy focus on Jesus

How can I deal with a life that it seems like Everytime I get one thing together here comes another problem

Easy! Keep your focus on Jesus!

Hit your easy button