Sermon Illustrations

When a dream dies the world is not the same you realize in an instant that everything has changed tomorrow will be different the plans will all be new for the dream that you were chasing no longer lives inside of you

to know the race is over and you’ve been left behind is like a snowflake in the summer like a star that will not shine

it’s like crying in an ocean when nobody else is near everything becomes a whisper that no one else will hear

it’s a moving toward acceptance of the things you cannot see of the things you cannot do and the thing that will not be

it happens to the best of us we all must face the day the dream we had for many years has simply gone away

but in the shattered dreams there are pieces we can find

to plant as seeds for future things until the end of time

so when a dream is over another one will be

for one dream dies and one is born

to give new life to me ---march 2006 spf