Sermon Illustrations

George Foreman instead

March 1977. A few days before his fight with Jimmy Young in Puerto Rico. George stood on the hotel balcony and wondered about the meaning of life. He had come a long way in 28 years from poverty to wealth. He was the heavyweight Champion of the world.

Yet in spite of his success he said I was empty. For 10 years he had gone through the same routines getting ready for fights. And in the end another win, but for what. My goal for life is another W. He thought, “Is that all there is to life?”

“Money didn’t fill the void. He had more cash in the bank than most could dream of. Three homes, a dozen cars, and a ranch-yet with all that stuff, I was still unfilled. Would another car make me happy? One more house? Some mysterious piece of the puzzle was missing, but I didn’t know where to find it. More than once I toyed with the idea of driving my car over the cliff. (P 21-22 God in my corner- George Foreman)