Sermon Illustrations

The Celtic was of spirituality was amazingly holistic. It did not reflect the dualism of the modern age. The Irish such as Patrick understood that the earth was the Lord’s. They saw God’s hand at work in nature (in their environment). They saw their work on earth to be part of their spiritual existence. So they prayed as they got up and when they would go to sleep. They prayed before they traveled. It is very much like a good tsadiq might have done in Jesus’ day.

Peregrine literally means wanderer. They were Celtic wanderers. They were missionaries. They trusted in the Lord to guide them simply going about their day and often literally wandering from place to place looking for God’s hand at work. One wanderer was in a boat with his crew and was reported to have met a stretch where the wind died. So the sailors got out the oars and started rowing. Suddenly the captain ordered everyone to stop. His reason was that they were fighting to do their own will and they just simply needed to let the ocean be the Lord’s and go where His current would take them.