Sermon Illustrations

I close with a story from Becky Tirabassi whose wrote the article posted at Christianity I spoke of earlier that illustrates one young man’s desire to be free in Christ.

While speaking at Oregon State, ‘in front of 1,000 students,’ she wrote, ‘near the end of my message, a young man approached me, uninvited. It was an awkward moment—the audience looked at me, then at him.

He asked to speak. I said, "Right now?"

He said, "Yes."

I don’t normally relinquish the microphone without knowing what a person is going to say, but after I looked in his eyes, I went ahead. He told the audience, "I am the person Becky is describing. I’m a senior here. I’m getting married in six months and I plan to attend seminary. But I’m hooked on pornography—and I have been since the age of 11. If any of you are in the same place and want to fight this battle together, meet me at 7 p.m. tomorrow night in the lobby of Wilson Hall." Nearly 100 seats emptied and young men came forward to kneel and pray.’

Jesus Christ came to set us free! We can be free in Him! But are we willing to resolve to do whatever is necessary to be free in Him?