Sermon Illustrations

Demonstrate the Gospel

R.W. Shambach told the story of a meeting he was in with T.L. Osborn. A young man who was a boxer and had been blinded by severe blows was also in the meeting. Shambach knew the man personally and knew that he was not a believer. Osborn called the man forward and prayed for him. As a young Bible college student, Shambach thought Osborne was making a mistake because God might not heal the man. The young man received his sight and later in the service gave his life to Christ.

Preachers often want to get people saved first, but the power of God to heal preceded the power of salvation. Shambach then quoted Osborn, saying, “If you cannot demonstrate the Gospel, you are not qualified to preach the Gospel.” The Apostle Paul said he did not come with eloquent words and impressive speech,...

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