Sermon Illustrations

What is going through the mind of Judas? Why does Judas continue with his sin? Why doesn’t he seek a way out, a reversal, redemption…why? Because, he believes in the lie that he is not worthy of redemption, He feels this before the death of Jesus, He feels this after the death of Jesus and he becomes a man scorned. His name is synonymous with betrayal of the worst kind. We think of Judas as a man without hope, who had no chance, who was simply caught by the hand of fate. But to believe that is to believe the lie. Judas could have turned to Jesus Christ at any time, He could have turned that night at the table – or at any time after. The blood of Jesus covers any, and all, sin.

Have you ever thought of how different things would be if Judas had asked for forgiveness, if Judas had been able to see through the lie? Probably nine out of ten churches would have Judas Iscariot in their name. Judas would probably be the most popular name for baby boys. The name of Judas would be held in high honor. Every town in America would have a Judas Iscariot boulevard. Colleges and Seminaries would bear his name, “Judas Iscariot Theological Seminary”, “The University of Judas Iscariot”. Even day care centers would jump in on the action, “Iscariot Children’s Academy”. He for sure would have been the most powerful of all the disciples in terms of witness and preaching. Imagine, meeting the man who betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ, who would stand before you - forgiven. How powerful is that? People would flock to hear him. People would weep in astonishment at his witness. Judas would be the rock star of the twelve, the most studied, the most celebrated and the most loved….but, instead, he is loathed and despised. He believes in a lie – he believes that he is not redeemable. What a waste of such great potential.

You are worthy of redemption. You are worthy of the blood of the lamb. You are worthy of the bread of life. Don’t you ever forget – you are worthy.

We are worthy, but not because of what we have done, we are worthy, but not because of our birth, we are worthy, but not because of some spirituality we can produce – no, we are worthy, because Jesus Christ has deemed us worthy, and by acceptance of Him as God, Lord and Savior we are promise a covenant of redemption.