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• I want to tell you a story about Paul Morphy was the world’s champion chess player in the 19th century. One day he was invited by a friend to look at a valuable painting titled, “the chess player.” in the painting, Satan was represented as playing chess with a young man, the stake being the young man’s soul. the game had reached the stage where it was the young man’s move; but he was checkmated. there was no move he could make which would not mean defeat for him and so the strong feature of the picture was the look of utter despair on the young man’s face as he realized that his soul was lost.

• Yet morphy, who knew more about chess than the artist, studied the picture for a time, then called for a chessboard and pieces. placing them in exactly the same position as they were in the painting, he said, “i’ll take the young man’s place and make the move.” then he made the move which would have set the young man free.

Is your life in a check mate position? YOU may feel as though nobody really understands your predicament tonight, You might be saying how can God ever forgive my sins and sense that there is no way out. Just like the young man in the chess game you’re soul has been bought, but you got to remember there is another champion in this Church tonight who sees your predicament and wants to take your place and...

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