Sermon Illustrations

Television psychic Sylvia Brown, who appears regularly on the Montel Williams show, fared even worse. On the December 27, 2006 airing of Montel, Sylvia made her predictions for 2007. They were all wrong. Every last one of them. For instance, Ms. Brown predicted that a tsunami would cause flooding in the United States in 2007. No such flooding occurred. She suggested that a tsunami might hit New York City. It didn’t. She said that there would be a major volcanic eruption in Mexico. There wasn’t. She said that she worried about some type of terrorist attack involving trucks and trains in the United States. None occurred. All told, Sylvia Brown made 13 concrete predictions for 2007 on the December 27, 2006 episode of Montel, none of which came true. Yet she is regarded as an accurate psychic.

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Of course, the best known psychic-predictor of modern times was Jean Dixon. She rose to fame by predicting in 1956 that the winner of the 1960 presidential contest would die in office, and when President Kennedy was assassinated, her popularity was assured. Of course, what was overlooked was the fact that she had also predicted that Richard Nixon would win the presidency in 1960, not JFK. Undaunted, Ms. Dixon convinced herself and the rest of America that she was a modern-day prophet. Every year until her death in 1997 she would issue her list of predictions for the coming year. Most people assume that most of her predictions came true. The reality is that most didn’t. For instance, she predicted that World War III would begin in 1958 and that the Soviets would land the first man on the moon. She predicted that the first George Bush would beat his challenger, Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas. For 1997, the final year of her life, she predicted that actor Alec Baldwin would become terribly ill, comedian Ellen DeGeneres would have a run-in with the Secret Service when she crashed the presidential inauguration; and a plane would crash in late October. None of these things occurred. Yet she is regarded as the greatest of the modern psychics.

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Standing in stark contrast to these modern prophets are the prophets of the Bible. Time after time the biblical authors said that something would occur; and then, it occurred, exactly as they said.