Sermon Illustrations

What happens when we pattern our Sonship on those around us?

Illustration: 4276 Imitating Each Other Or Christ

In the British Museum a Greek writing tablet, earlier than the Christian era, is shown. It is the classical equivalent of a child’s copybook. The headline has been written by the master. The scholar has traced the second with his eye upon the first; but afterwards each line is a reproduction, not of the first writing, but of the last. Consequently, each line shows a wider divergence from the pattern than the one before.

Is not this one cause of the broken character of our holiness—that we imitate one another, or reproduce our familiar inperfections, instead of portraying the fair likeness of Jesus Christ? (Tan, P. L. (1996, c1979). Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations : A treasury of illustrations, anecdotes, facts and quotations for pastors, teachers and Christian workers. Garland TX: Bible Communications.)