Sermon Illustrations

This anchor holds in day of adversity,

When all else threatens to give way.

This anchor keeps my vessel from drifting,

Never letting my ship run astray.

This anchor holds midst angry seas battering,

When waves and winds battle for my soul.

This anchor holds in the lonely night hours,

When darkness levy my spirit less bold.

This anchor holds with vigil over me,

Surveying waters lest my ship drift away.

This anchor is trustworthy and faithful,

Making unanxious my passageway.

This anchor holds fast though life is fleeing,

When death’s icy fingers my life grasps for.

This anchor will never let me falter,

Till my ship moors on that sacred shore

This anchor holds in the Judgment,

When the elements melt with fervent heat.

This anchor will calm and quiet my spirit,

Shoring me on with mercy and peace.


This anchor holding me is Jesus.

My ship is in his arrant control.

He is my one hope! He is my comfort!

He is the anchor of my soul!

Written by L C Taylor