Sermon Illustrations

A king in an ancient Palace secured a famous musician to BUILD A WONDERFUL HARP. In the evenings the household would gather and spend happy hours listening to the peaceful music. Years went by, the king died and the prince took his family to live in the castle. A musician was found to play the harp, but the harp was out of tune. No one could tune it. With a heavy heart the prince had it covered - a useless relic.

One night an old man came to the castle seeking shelter. The prince took the stranger in. During supper the old man kept looking at the harp, and finally asked why it was covered. The prince sais the harp had lost its tune and no one could tune it. "May I try?" the visitor asked.

The prince agree and soon the harp brought forth beautiful music as in the days gone by. "How is it," the prince asked, " that you could tune the harp when no one else could?"

The stranger smiled as he replied, "I made the harp."

Who is better to get our lives, back "in tune" with God than the One who made us?"

Ask God to tune with His word each new day so that your life would be sweet music to His ears.