Sermon Illustrations

There were two brothers that had had an argument and decided to never speak to the brother until the other one apologized. They went to the same church but never in several decades spoke more than three words to each other. However, God began working on their hearts. They each had always ignored foot washing but on a special renewal weekend without realizing the other would be there, they attended a foot washing service. The men were seated in a circle as the two brothers sat almost across from one another. They wouldn’t look at each other in the eye. Always avoiding the other’s glances but each quickly sneaking glances at the other trying to read the other.

After a few songs, the men were given their instructions and men began moving toward the basins. After just a moment of hesitation, both brothers stood up and met each other in the center. At first nothing was said. They looked at each in the eye and embraced. The tears began to flow freely. They wept and apologized. Then they sat down and washed each other’s feet healing the rift that had ruled their lives for decades.