Sermon Illustrations

Notice the text that says, “He halted upon his thigh.” That basically means he “limped” or “hobbled.” Jacob a rich man, with wives, children, and mighty possession most likely walked with his head held high and with an arrogant walk, but not any longer. Now Jacob was walking with a limp. He had fought God and won. He said he would not stop fighting till God gave him the blessing he requested, so he was blessed. He was blessed, but he had the pain still with him, because now he was limping.

Christian brothers and sisters, when we have been blessed by God, we cannot strut any longer. I’m fixing to start preaching so it’s time to buckle those “pew-belts.” When God blesses us, we are not the same. We once walked in a land full of sin, full of wickedness, but since we have been blessed by God, we cannot continue to walk in that life.

We were once lost to sin, but Jesus has made us whole. Our friends drink, our friends curse, they cheat, they steal, they rape, they live in the sins of this world, but God has made us to walk a different way. We are no longer the same. We cannot cover up our limp, because it is too noticeable. Brother and sisters, you cannot cover up what God has given you. You might as well let your friends and neighbors know that your blessed by God and you’ll never walk that sinful, boastful life again.