Sermon Illustrations

The Tarnished Star

A half step slower than yesterday

a little pain won’t go away

not quite as strong

not near as high

a younger man has passed him by

the tarnished star.

He works so hard, he gives his all

but new stars rise while old stars fall

he was so bright, a brilliant light,

but now a flicker in the night

the tarnished star

The cheers are fading, fans have thinned

some people yell what’s wrong with him

he was so good, he once was great

but every man must meet this fate

the tarnished star

Some people say that he is through

the old must usher in the new

and they don’t know, and they don’t care

of all he did in yester years

the tarnished star.

A terrible scene I see in life

is men who fight with all their might

to stay on top, to be the best

when they are doomed to join the rest

of tarnished stars.

So here’s some wisdom I have viewed

do all you can while in your youth

just give your all and strive to win

cause little boys become old men

and tarnished stars

c-copyright 1988 Stephen Funderburk