3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Carry A Cross-----Carry a cross that leads to a kingdom,

carry the scars for the sake of His Name, it will be worth it to enter God’s city, it will be worth all the heartache and pain.

Carry a cross that will take you to glory,

no matter the struggle just keep moving on,

for there is a mansion just over the mountain,

for those who are faithful, for those who stand strong.

Carry a cross even though it will cost you,

everything you have been holding on to,

empty your hands of this world and it’s treasures,

give up the old to make room for the new.

Carry a cross though there’s no one beside you,

for sometimes the cross must be carried alone,

even when family and friends have forsaken,

just stay on the journey, and carry it home.

Carry a cross for the one who was willing,

to carry an old rugged cross stained with blood,

to pay for the sins of a world full of sinners,

to write out in crimson, the words God is love.

c-copyright March 2008 SPF, Stephen Funderburk