Sermon Illustrations

One of the great benefits of the worship-filled life is you see God working in your home and family life. I have seen God do some amazing things in Kendra’s life and in the life of my kids. Sometimes they are things that could easily be missed. For example, Micaela has the cutest little smile and nod when she asks for the smallest things. Kendra or I will ask her to clarify what she asked if she really wants her cup, and her face will light up with a smile (her whole face especially her eyes smile) as she nods recognizing that she has been heard and understood.

God has shown me that this is not just a cute little smile but this is a reminder that God is at work in my life and her life. It is a tiny blessing to remind me that God hears me when I ask. And if my heart is thrilled by Micaela’s smile, how much more is God’s heart thrilled when God answers my requests and excites me.