Sermon Illustrations

The home should be the place where our spiritual life and everyday life meet. Recover the sacredness of the family table. Throughout history, mealtime, especially the dinner meal, has been considered a sacred time. Remember when the disciples shared a meal with the risen Christ? It was at the meal that their eyes were open. Every meal can be a time where (if we are sensitive enough) we are conscious of the presence of our risen Lord.

Common labor in the home should be a time of worship. We are tending our Garden of Eden that God has entrusted to us. Play worship music while you work. Take time to thank God for the things that you need to clean. Many people (perhaps you are one of them) simply treat the home as a place to eat (and that may be rare) and sleep. It is intended to be the center of family life. It is the place where we work together, dream together, worship together, play together, and even make love.

We are called to have a worship-filled life.